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"If we all do one thing then the world will be a better place". Margaret Mead

At Gaelle Pet Photography we love pets and we love the outdoors so we strive to do our part for the environment. 

In every aspect of my life I try to have the less impact as possible on the environment, in order to have an environmentally and eco friendly business.




Did you know that some of prints and canvases in homes or offices can be toxic and provoke some health issues?


That’s why I am striving to work with the best professionals in the industry.  I’ll provide 100% cotton, chlorine-free, toxin-free and acid-free prints.  I work with labs that have green and eco friendly processes and products that are handcrafted in the US.  I want to work with ethically- minded professionals.


The labs I chose to work with, are conscious about saving water, energy and greenhouse gazes.


I buy durable gear so I don’t have to constantly replace it,  and most of my gear is bought "gently-used."


I work with suppliers and manufacturers that are environmentally conscious, committed to ethic and sustainability.


I am using rechargeable batteries.


I use a minimal amount of packaging for my clients when delivering their orders.


I print on recycled paper as much as possible.

Wood print.  Image is printed with natural ink on the wood

Giving back and helping the community.


I like to support local businesses as much as possible.

Every week I volunteer to take pictures for the adoptable pets of the Denver Animal Shelter, because good pictures can help the animals be adopted faster.


A portion of every full session will be given to an animal charity of your choice.


I organize different events during the year to support animal charity.  If you are a business and want to organize an event (photo session at your location), to support a charity, contact me.


I contribute to fundraisers that support children and animals.

Meet Elliott the cover of Beautiful Paws 2022, a calendar to help homeless animals in Denver.

Denver dog photography. cover of Beautiful Paws pet calendar 2022.jpg

In August 2022, the  pet photo contest was launched:
-83 pets entered the contest

-7 calendars dates were blocked, -309 participants 

-10,504 votes.


Thirteen pets with the most votes won a photography session and are now featured in the Beautiful Paws pet calendar 2022.

$9,959 was raised from the contest entries and votes, the total profit 8,658.78 was given to the Denver Animal Shelter.


All donations are used to directly help the animals they serve - both at the shelter and in the community. 

Donations help provide: 

-Animal Care & Enrichment 

-Spay/Neuter Services 

-Emergency Medical Care 

-Community Outreach 

-Humane Education 

-Foster Care 

Thank you again to all participants, you helped save lives!



The Beautiful Paws, pet calendar is ready to buy now!  


The pet calendar 2022 is a perfect gift for pet lovers for the Holidays.  Your family and friends will be happy to know that your purchase for them  will save animal lives.  
All the profit from the calendar sales will benefit The Denver Animal Shelter and save lives.

Enter your favorite picture of your pet in the Beautiful Paws pet calendar contest.  Proceeds from the entries and vote will benefit The Denver Animal Shelter.

The contest runs from July 31st 2021 to August 28th 2021.  The 13 most vote getters will win a professional photography session and will be featured in the Beautiful Paws 2022 calendar.  The calendars will be ready for sale at the beginning of November 2021.

Beautiful Paws pet calendar 2022.jpg
Fall pet and family session.jpg

Beautiful Paws Pet calendar contest 2021

Beautiful Paws Pet calendar contest 2021

Thank you everyone who participated in the calendar, we have raised $12,680 for the Denver Animal shelter!!!!!

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